Track and Manage your Finances

With Arora’s free money management tool you can monitor  your spending, set budgets and goals, get bill reminders and more. We want you to have full financial control.


See your Budgets at any time 

Using Arora Wallet you can create budgets for both your business and personal use that will give you more oversight, control, and freedom over your spending. 

All your accounts in one place

With the Arora Dashboard you can eliminate the need to check multiple financial statements by seeing all your personal and business information in one simple and secure space. 

Monitor your Cashflow 

With Arora Wallet it is easy to keep track of your personal and business income and expenses giving you the certainty and information to make the right financial decisions. 

Track Bills and Get Alerts 

Using Arora Wallet you can easily organize and track your bills and set reminders to ensure you remain on top of your business and personal life. 


Arora protects your most valuable information by providing the highest level of security to ensure the maximum level of proection against identity theft, hacker and other online threats. 

Additional Services 

Arora Wallet stands for itself but it is better used in connection with Arora Ed and Arora Financing if needed. Feel free to revisit these tools on our homepage at anytime.