Become Your Own Financial Expert

Arora has partnered with the National Financial Educators Council to provide you with Arora-Ed, The first free financial literacy course designed for women business owners and their supporters. Arora-Ed is a unique education and resource learning management system, created to help you make more informed financial decisions to improve your business and everyday life.



All topics covered are designed with the women business owner experience in mind, including: budgeting, Account Management, Risk Management and Insurance, Investment and Personal Finance Planning, Loans and Debt, Entrepreneurship, Economic and Government Influences, and Financial Psychology

Evidence-Based Learning 

Arora-Ed online learning management system was built around the NFEC's financial literacy curriculum that has been used by thousands of organizations and students. Arora-Ed's curriculum was developed with over a decade of research, feedback from women organizations around the globe, and suggestions from our Curriculum Advisory Board. 

Practical Lessons

Arora-Ed was created around real life scenarios to deliver practical lessons for the daily challenges that women entrepreneurs face. Giving you the tools and experience to build a solid personal finance foundation and an implementation plan for your business. 

Financial Certification

Arora-Ed was created with the highest academic standards by world leading financial experts, proven to give you the knowledge and skills to successfully grow your business. After completion of the course, you will have access to claiming two college credits and be certified by Arora and the National Financial Educators Council. 

Adaptive Learning

Arora-Ed provides you with a personal learning experience based on your interests, schedule, and financial expertise. Even if your brand new to finance, we got you covered.

Interactive Content

The Arora-Ed platform is comprised of videos, cases, and interactive learning tools. You will even have a forum to engage with other women business owners while you are taking the course. 

Gamified and Action Oriented 

Arora-Ed provides real time learning features that guide you through the steps to take before making important financial decisions. Trough out your journey you will earn points, badges and bonuses recognizing you for your achievements and hard work.

Comprehensive Assessments & Services

Arora-Ed features seamless integrated testing that measures your progress as your skill-set develops and you become your own financial expert. Arora-Ed is a stand alone tool but works best in connection with Arora wallet and Arora loans if and when needs. Feel free to visit them at our homepage at anytime.